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The Most Surprising Starts In La Liga

After 8 weeks of action, let’s take a look at the most surprising teams so far this La Liga season:

Villarreal: The Yellow Submarines have emerged as one of the best teams in the league so far this season with a brilliant dual attack from Nilmar and Yank GiuseppeRossi. Both men have five goals this season and last year’s 7th place squad currently sits in 2nd with 16 goals scored this season which only trails Real Madrid. Villarreal has missed out on the top four narrowly in the last few years and look ready for the promotion into the Champions League.

Real Sociedad/Hercules/Levante: All three recently promoted teams sit in the middle of the table at the moment meaning that all three will likely retain their promotion status this season and lose the tag new boys in the process. Of course there still is 30 games left this year, but all three have proven to be worthy of top tier football with 11th, 13th, and 14th place results so far this year. Very impressive. 

Espanyol: One of the traditional La Liga clubs hasn’t finished better then 10th since 2004/2005 and last year’s 11thplace result was typical for the mediocre squad. This season they have proven to be a solid option for the top five with 5th place results so far this season. With a 4-0-0 record at home, there new stadium erected last year is certainly not hurting their results.

Valencia: Sure they finished in the top four last season and are widely considered to be a strong football organization, but the debt-riddled club sold away their two fabulous playmakers in the off season to bigger clubs and have done just as well so far this year without Silva and Villa in the standings.