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The Most Historic US Soccer Sites: What’s #8?


Mark’s Stadium was the former home of the Fall River Marksmen, the most successful soccer team of their era. From 1922 until 1931, the Marksmen would call Mark’s their home during their long run of championship titles. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant US soccer sites ever.

The stadium was named for Sam Mark, who purchased the squad in 1922 and immediately set about to build the first soccer-specific stadium in the history of the United States. With a capacity of 15,000, the stadium would host some of the earliest competitive soccer matches in US history.

In 1931, Mark moved the team to New York and rebranded them the Yankees (not very original on his part). While this decision was frowned upon by many supporters, Mark’s Stadium continued to serve other teams for the next two decades, but the pic above shows all that remains today.

Once located in located in North Tiverton, Rhode Island, Mark’s Stadium no longer really exists. There is still apparently a pitch there, but it has not been used to host a match in years and all reports indicate it has deteriorated greatly. It’s still a significant part of US soccer history though.