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The Most Historic US Soccer Sites: What’s #6?

Crew Stadium belongs on this list at #6 because it has served, and will continue to serve, as the blueprint for American soccer specific stadia. Constructed in 1999 for $28.5 million, Crew Stadium is one of MLS’s prized jewels and one of the best atmospheres to watch soccer in the U.S.

Oil tycoon and Crew owner Lamar Hunt put up the big bucks to get the stadium built because the Crew’s fans were not too fond the team’s first home, Ohio Stadium, which was designed for American football games. Seating 22,555 spectators, Crew Stadium is an ideal size for an MLS venue.

Crew Stadium has also hosted (and will soon again host) US National Team matches. It seems we like to bring Mexico up to Columbus in the dead of winter to play games in the hopes we can use the frigid temperature to our advantage (a 2001 qualifier was humorously referred to as “The Cold War”).

Crew Stadium is also (of course) home to the 2008 MLS Champion, the Columbus Crew. It’s also hosted some Women’s World Cup matches, a few college championships and two MLS All-Star Games. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest American soccer venues ever, and it belongs on this list.