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The MLS Playoff Shuffle Continues…

Seattle beat Columbus, New England drew with Colorado, Dallas won and Chivas beat D.C.  Man, I LOVE being right.

The last time I talked about the playoff shuffle I said that Seattle could jump up to around Chicago and Colorado’s level with some good wins…boy did I hit that one on the head!  Seattle vaulted over everybody at the bottom to put themselves in the middle of a 3-way tie with 41 points.  I suppose it’s not a surprise that Seattle is starting to get hot since they took a disappointing loss a while back to New England (a team they’re fighting for a playoff spot) and with the shuffle happening around them it was a good time to get on point.

Meanwhile, D.C. lost its 3rd game in a row (to Chivas) on Saturday and left the door hanging wide open for New England and Dallas.  Now that New England has vaulted D.C. and my Dallas Disappointments are tied with D.C. at 36 points the ground that D.C. gave up can’t really be gotten back.  I’m predicting that their locker room starts crumbling (if it isn’t already.)  D.C. has had 3 chances against inferior or comparable teams and they have not distinguished themselves in this pack at the bottom of the playoff standings.  I fear it may be too late now to get back on track.

Dallas has won 4 of its last 5 games and now they’ve held their position and found other teams falling towards them in the standings.  I call them the disappointments because I thought they would keep attacking and they haven’t.  If they attacked they’d be able to scare off other teams.  I know they’re doing alright, but they can do EVEN better if they just stick to an attacking style.  That style may well vault them ahead of a slumping D.C. team and level them with New England…IF they’ll do it!

I also love the fact that Chicago is in 4th place right now and they have yet to clinch a playoff spot.  This bodes well for the next couple weeks of Soccer.  If Chicago goes cold they could find themselves out of it.  If they get hot and clinch a berth then one more team will be get pushed to the bottom and out of the chase for the MLS Cup.