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The MLS Hall of Shame: Preview Edition

A few months ago, I wrapped up my list of the players in my inaugural MLS Hall of Fame class. Making the list got me thinking. What if, in addition to an MLS Hall of Fame, there was an MLS Hall of Shame for players who have committed foul deeds or crushed their fans’ spirit time and again. So, I decided to enshrine some more folks, but this time…

The players inducted in the Hall of Shame would be more prone to getting ejected than leaving their opponents feeling dejected. They would be more used to sinning than winning. They wouldn’t hoist Cups, they would break their opponents’. They wouldn’t be stars, but they possibly should have been behind bars. No fame now. Just shame.

So, over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting the MLS players who will receive the first spots in my MLS Hall of Shame. Now, I was a little heavy on the rhetoric above. I don’t think these players are bad people, but they do hold some infamous MLS records, so I am really just having a little fun at their expense. Plus, they are a mean bunch…

And I definitely don’t want them coming after me. So, without further ado, I will commence my listing of my inaugural class of MLS Hall of Shamers starting Monday, and I will continue for the next two weeks. If I omit any good ones (or bad ones, I guess) let me hear about it in the comments. Until then, keep coming back to STO for the best news, commentary and analysis on the interwebs. Peace.

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