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The MLS Hall of Shame: Mark Dodd

Background: What is Mark Dodd doing on this list? Well, on June 4, 1998, Dodd played between the pipes for the Dallas Burn against the LA Galaxy. 90+ minutes later, Dodd had conceded a whopping eight (yes, eight) goals, a single game MLS record that has never been broken.

I have nothing against Dodd personally, but eight freaking goals?

Career: Dodd didn’t have a bad career. He got 15 caps from the US Nats, and minded the Burn’s net almost 100 times. He went to the MLS All-Star Game twice and was named to the Best XI once. Hand surgery ended his career abruptly, but he was a fine player. Well, other than one hot June day when he gave up a wholly ridiculous eight goals to LA.

Dishonors: The game itself was completely unremarkable, other than the final score. It didn’t mean much to the standings or the playoff rankings. But, it was likely a huge source of embarassment for Dodd and the Dallas defense. In fact, the 8 goals could be even more attributable to the D than Dodd, but he is the man who has the record.

Legacy: Dodd’s record has almost been broken several times, but no one has ever conceded that 8th goal to tie the record. So, Dodd’s name has been continued to be linked to that sad June day back in 1998. Maybe one day the record will fall, and I can release him from the Hall of Shame. But, until then, Mr. Dodd will be in my H.O.S. Sorry.