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The MLS Hall of Shame: Diego Serna

Background: Diego Serna spent six years in MLS. When he first arrived here from Colombia, he did quite well and was even named to the 2001 MLS Best XI. But, his last few years were marred by injury and unproductive. In 2000, prior to the decline of his career, Serna did set one infamous MLS record though. A strange one for a F, too.

Career: Serna is the all-time leading scorer for the Miami Fusion. Since that team is now defunct, he will likely hold that record longer than Bob Beamon (well, actually for infinity). He also played in MLS for the MetroStars, Revs, and Galaxy. While the Miami Fusion are gone, Serna is now back in South Beach playing soccer though with Miami FC.

Dishonors: Diego plays striker. His job is to draw fouls, not inflict them on opponents. Yet, in 2000, Serna was whistled a shocking 83 times, an MLS record. Juan Toja matched said record in 2007, but his mullet hair is so sweet it prevents him from making the Hall of Shame. Serna’s insane season of violations and lackluster hair earn him a spot.

Legacy: Diego Serna is fondly remembered (and still cheered) by Miami soccer fans, so my inclusion of him in the H.O.S. series is more tongue-in-cheek than malicious (can’t say the same for Becks and Blanco). He does hold a pretty ugly MLS single season record, so I think he won’t be too upset. What is it that they say, Diego?

No harm, no foul?