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The MLS Hall of Shame: Cuauhtemoc Blanco

Background: Blanco is like Neil Diamond. You either love him or you hate him. Either way, you can’t deny that he is one heck of a soccer player. The man was born to play the game. He even has a juke move named after him (“the Cuautemiña“), which makes him a living legend. It seems those who love him and hate him do so with equal passion.  

Career: Blanco, at 36, is still one of the best field generals in MLS. His play with the Fire has been better than I expected, but he is best remembered for his 15 years (and over 125 goals) with Club America. Well, that and his over 100 appearances for El Tri. Heck, he’ll be remembered for just about everything he did on a pitch, even the bad things.

Dishonors: Blanco is hated by opposing fans because of his style of play, which one could describe as “irreverent”. He has no respect for any of his opponents. He will mock them. He will engage in chicanery. He will straight up dive like Greg Louganis (well, sort of). He is a “pest”, that is for sure. His list of misdeeds is longer than the IRS Tax Code. 

Legacy: Like I said above, Blanco’s legacy depends on who you ask. A Club America fan from Mexico will tell you he is the closest thing to God to grace Earth since Jesus. Just about everyone else in the world will tell you he is a great player, but that his competetive streak brings out some ugly qualities sometimes. Personally, I like him. Well, except when he plays the US. 

I like Neil Diamond too though, so who knows?