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The MLS Hall of Shame: Clint Mathis

Background: Like Pablo, who I already enshrined, I love me somes Clint Mathis. How could you not love Clint, or “Cletus” as many fans call him due to his bad attitude and foolish demeanor. I love the man as a player, but most MLS fans hate him. After all he has broken their team’s hearts with thrilling goals and their players knees with ugly tackles.

Career: Clint has been just about everywhere in his long MLS career. He’s played for LA, New York, RSL, Colorado, New York (again), (sort of) LA (again), and now RSL (again). He moves around a lot because he has a historically poor attitude and a classic dislike for authority. Hence, he had the league’s most famous mohawk and the ‘tude to go with it.

Dishonors: Mathis makes this list for many reasons, but the main one is his MLS all-time record for red cards (8). Clint isn’t a player who can control his emotions and get the better of his rivals on the field. If you wrong him, he will straight up cleat (or “cleatus” you, if you will) in the face. His violent outbursts have landed him in my Hall of Shame.

Legacy: Mathis is having somewhat of a career revival with RSL this year, and I hope the best for him. But, he has made many MLS players weep from his ugly tackles, and even more fans of his own squad weep due to his send-offs. I like Cleatus a ton, but he may be the most hated MLS player ever, so he belongs in my MLS Hall of Shame.