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The MLS Hall of Fame: Kevin Hartman

Background: Well, I had to put one GK in my Hall of Fame inaugural class, and no one (in my opinion) deserves it more than Mr. Kevin Hartman. Hartman has been in the league since 1997, and the statistics he has put up since have been eye-popping. In short, there has been no man more successful between the posts in MLS history than Hartman.

Career: Hartman began his career with the Gals, but he was stuck behind MLS great Jorge Campos for a short while. After almost heading to the Fire, he was dealt back to LA where he minded the net until 2006. He has been with KC since, and he has helped the Wiz douse opponent’s attack. He is still playing in pretty good form too for the Wizards.

Honors: It would be easier to list the GK honors Hartman doesn’t own, than the ones he does. He’s the league’s all-time leader in saves, clean sheets, and wins, and he is the top five in GAA and saves percentage. He’s also managed to win two MLS Cups and two US Open Cups. As his stats are still piling up as of now, I doubt anyone will catch him soon.

Legacy: Hartman’s hair may be a putrid shade of bleached blond, but his play has made up for his poor coif. He’s an MLS legend, and he undoubtedly deserves a place in my MLS Hall of Fame first class. I would want a pair of the gloves he wore earlier this season when he broke Tony “The Ponytailed One” Meola’s all-time saves record in the Hall.