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The MLS Hall of Fame: Jason Kreis

Background: I have a strange nickname for Jason Kreis, “The Passion of the Kreis”. I gave it to him because of his unparalleled commitment to his various MLS squads. Was he one of the league’s most talented players? No, of course not. But, was he one of the most dependable and dedicated? Yes, definitely, and that is why he is in my Hall of Fame.

Career: Kreis played in the inaugural season of MLS, as well as the next eight, with FC Dallas (who back then were the Burn). The years in Texas were his “glory days”, though he would also spend three years with RSL to cap off his career. Of course, he is now Salt Lake’s coach, and he is doing some amazing things with that small market squad.

Honors: Until he was recently eclipsed by two other players, Kreis had a long reign as the leading scorer in MLS history (108 goals). He was also very consistent, scoring more than 5 goals a season for the first 11 years of MLS. He’s also in the top 10 in assists, minutes played, and game winning goals. He was also the league’s first American MVP.

Legacy: Kreis’ legend continues to grow as he turns RSL from also-ran into front runner, but he has already done enough to make it into my MLS Hall of Fame. Sure, he didn’t win many trophies, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. I would put the ball he scored his 100th goal with in the museum, as he was the first player to eclipse that hallowed mark.