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The MLS Hall of Fame: Jaime Moreno

Background: Jaime Moreno is definitely a first ballot MLS Hall of Famer. The Bolivian striker has it all: league titles, personal honors, and the most coveted record in MLS. He’s a crafty player who has relied on his soccer smarts to deceive defenders for over a decade for DC United (and briefly for the MetroStars). He’s still performing well too. 

Career: Many people think Moreno has played in MLS since it’s creation, but that’s not actually true. He was actually signed half way through the 1996 season, so he isn’t a founding member. But, in the last 13.5 years, he’s scored more goals than any other player in MLS history, so I think we can forgive him for being about six months late to the party.

Honors: Moreno has done it all since he made his MLS debut. He’s won a remarkable 4 MLS Cups. He’s been named to five Best XI squads (1997, 1999, 2004, 2005 and 2006). He’s been a MLS MVP Finalist three times.  Oh, and he’s scored 124 goals and counting. He’s the greatest striker in league history, so he’s also a member of the All-Time MLS Best XI.

Legacy: Moreno isn’t as physically talented as many MLS heroes, but he is one of the most intelligent and durable players in league history, so he gets the nod here. In fact, he is one of the league’s gems, and he belongs in the HOF. What memorabilia is coming with him? I would bring the ball he broke the scoring record with, naturally.  

Well, either that or a bottle of that awful bleach he used to dye his hair with. But, I think that stuff may be toxic.