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The MLS Hall of Fame: Dwayne De Rosario

Background: Dwayne De Rosario may not look Canadian with those patented dreadlocks, but he is. Frank Yallop brought him to America to play in MLS, but he has ensured he stayed here with his meticulous passes and historic affinity for the clutch goal. There are few players in league history with more honors that De Ro, so he belongs here.

Career: De Rosario played nearly 200 games and scored almost 50 goals for the same team, but he did it in two different towns because San Jose became Houston in 2006. He’s now with the Reds and doing well, but he will always be best remembered for his ability to rise to the occasion and score game winning goals on the biggest MLS stages.

Honors: When it comes to honors, De Ro is almost all by himself. He has been a member of 4 MLS Cup winning sides and he’s won a Supporters Shield. He also has a trunk full of individual trophies. He made 3 straight Best XI squads and was named MLS Cup MVP twice. He is also one of only two men to win the Goal of the Year Award twice.

Legacy: De Rosario’s legacy is largely defined by his ability to save his best for the most tense moments, like the MLS Cup Final. As a creative mid, he has few MLS peers, but what memorabilia will represent De Ro in my MLS Hall of Fame? Well, how about both his balls. I bet you think I am referring to his 2 MLS Cup game winning goal balls, but…

I am talking about his actual nuts. We won’t even have to bronze them because they are already made of steel.