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The Mighty Hercules Sign Paraguay Star Valdez

What a man!With a name like Hercules you would expect godly results from the squad of new boys.

And for the lowly club to survive their first season in the Primera Division they will need a few small miracles. And perhaps the club was recently granted exactly that with the recent signing of Nelson Valdez from Borussia Dortmund.

Valdez wasn’t really a factor with his former side (hence why they just sold him) and following a brilliant underdog World Cup run this summer with his Paraguay side, the perfect time arrived for the club to transfer over the star. And it appears to be a nice fit for the young twenty six year old striker considering his impressive form this summer.

And in 41 appearances for his Paraguay side, Valdez has scored a respectable 9 goals and also was a crucial reason why the club recently jumped up the FIFA rankings into the low 30’s. And as most new boys quickly find out, goals will be hard to come by on the next level. Rarely does a debut side score more then the league average in total goals and in Hercules case, I wouldn’t expect much different unless Valdez can display some of that Paraguayan magic we watched this summer.

The good news for Hercules though, is that the club had the best Segunda Division defense last season and hopes to remain in low scoring battles this season on the top flight. The bad news for the squad is that they only won three matches on the road last year in the second tier and that was out of twenty one opportunities. Of course they only played against two other teams that are even good enough to be in the top league this season and both are considered to be at the bottom of the table, so such a statistic could spell trouble for the new squad.

But perhaps signing the Paraguayan means that the team will increase their fanbase especially in Valdez’s native land and hopefully for road games as well. And if that is the case then I think I know the perfect person to distract the opposing players of Hercules on the pitch at these tough road matches.

Who could change their lowly road fortunes better than the Paraguayan national team’s lucky charm and super fan Larissa Requelme? Talk about a streak buster.

Somebody make the call, please. 


Creative Commons License photo credit: bobster855