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The Laws of Soccer 101: The Throw-In

The throw-in, which is described by the 15th Law of Soccer, is a strange aspect of the game. Everyone always says you can’t use your hands in soccer, yet when it comes to throw-ins, you must use your hands and you cannot use your feet. Throw-ins are also one of the rare moments in soccer when no one can score a goal. A throw-in into the net may be impressive, but it’s useless.

Yet, throw-ins can be exciting, and not just in soccer. Think about rugby, which features great collisions on throw-ins. Think of basketball, which features buzzer beaters assisted by long throw-ins, such as Grant Hill’s to Christian Laettner in the Final Four of days of yore. Throw-ins in soccer are also exciting, featuring deep tosses and elaborate schemes.

Speaking of an elaborate schemes, how about another Pop Quiz Question. Which of the following must a player do when taking a throw-in?

A. Face the field of play;

B. Hold the ball with both hands;

C. Throw the ball from behind and over his head; or

D. All of the Above.

It’s (D), of course. If you didn’t know that, maybe it is time for you to “throw in” the towel. Sorry about that bad spot of punny humor. Before I hit the hay, I’ll just “throw in” one more thought. A player can make a throw-in so long as a part of each of his feet are behind or on the touchline.  I never got this aspect of the rule. It basically says part of both feet can be on the field when the throw is taken, which is not how I understood the rule. But, what do I know? Seriously.