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The Italian Football Oscars Are In!

Stars for one night
Creative Commons License photo credit: steepways

The 2008/2009 Italian football version of the Oscars are in and you will never believe what club won all the awards.  Well to be honest it was a lot like the year Titanic was released.  Inter nearly swept the entire ceremony.  And it shouldn’t be a real surprise considering the returning champs won the league easily last year and even had a month of football action to spare at the end of the season. 

And their leading man from last season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, won the award for Best Actor or as it as referred to in football Most Valuable Player.  The Swede rightfully deserves the honor despite no longer being in the league.  He was the Golden Boot winner of the championship squad and he was one of the greatest Serie A players ever (that’s right I said it).  In fact when it comes to Serie A football, Ibs was the Tom Hanks of the bunch.  And when it comes to head coaches Jose Mourinho is the main man and the honorary winner of the award for Best Director or I mean Best Manager.

Best Supporting Actor/Best Goal Keeper was who other then Inter’s own Julio Cesar.  As for the remaining awards Inter actually did not win every one believe it or not.  AC Milan forward Alexandre Pato was honored as the Best Young Player and AS Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi was honored as the Best Italian Player. And the Best Defender Award went to Juventus centre back Giorgio Chiellini.