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The Heat Is On Rafa

Rafa Benitez has one of the hardest jobs in sports although on paper it actually appears to look like an easy job. Rafa has taken over control of the first ever treble winners from last season and so far this year the club lacks that classic form that they displayed last year with Mourinho.  Benitez is the only new variable that mixes with the winning system and regardless of how well Inter does this year many will blame Rafa for not achieving enough simply because the bar was too high for the first year coach to reach.

Add in the fact that his side lost to a rival team this weekend (Roma) and suffered a draw result in their first Champions League game and you have a guy that has started off on the wrong foot. Sure these things can easily be erased by a win today and a few more consecutive wins on the weekend, but if Rafa and Inter drop points today at home against Werder Bremen then the race for the Champions League second round truly has begun for the defending champions of the tournament.

Rafa does not believe that his side has hit “crisis” level yet and the former Liverpool man stressed that his side has the right mentality to win and he expects them to:   

Crisis? I look at the league table and I can’t see where the crisis is. The group is united and there is the right mentality. It’s easier when you win.

Indeed it is, Rafa. Indeed it is.