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The Golden Girls of US Soccer: Episode II

Golden girlThe Girls: In Episode II of our series on the greatest US WNT of all-time, I will be treating you to the tale of the #5 team on the list, the 2008 US Women’s National Team. They had finished third at the previous World Cup, and many people believed divisions within the team could have (or already had) destroyed it. But the team turned out to be (or at least played like they were) far less broken than many thought. They had heart and they won the Gold medal.

The Gold: The Gold medal match wasn’t just worthy of ESPN Classic, it was one of those great games that belongs in a vault somewhere with the other legendary sports moments. But to understand its’ greatness, you also have to know that the team lost their opening match in ugly fashion (they had given up two goals in the first four minutes). They battled back from that beating to best Brazil in the closest Gold medal match ever. Who were the heroes?

The Giggity: Hope Solo, for one (get it), who proved she was the best GK in the game with her tenacity against the world’s best team (and player, Marta). Carli Lloyd, whose ninety-sixth minute winner was the Golden Goal of the tournament. Both ladies played well, and, yes, they looked good doing it too, if I may say so myself. But, the real giggity for this Gold goes out to Pia Sundhage. The sexy Swede proved she was as good as Gold for the US WNT.

The 2008 US WNT has been named the #5 Squad of All-Time. Who will be #1-4?

Come back over the rest of the year to find out!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ernst Moeksis