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The Galaxy Did What I Said…The Dynamo, Not So Much!

The Galaxy did just like I said and took away the assist-maching in Houston in a shutout to reach the Final for the MLS Cup.

I also mentioned that the Dynamo needed to find a way to keep Landon Donovan “double-teamed” or something that would not allow him to beat them and they simply couldn’t do it.   In extra-time that Galaxy scored 2 goals (one from Donovan) and they pushed themselves through to the MLS Cup.

I don’t think this should come as any surprise since Donovan  had a couple shots on goal that he couldn’t convert, but from the beginning the Dynamo must have decided that they were going to let Landon try to beat them…bad decision.

In a way it’s kind of funny that Houston did exactly the opposite of what I said they should do in true “soccer” fashion instead of thinking “outside the box” and looking at the game from a more “American” perspective.

What’s more hilarious is that I chose Houston in this one thinking that both teams couldn’t successfully pull off my gameplan at the same time and I knew that Houston’s defense was stingy.  Yeah, that really worked.  {Note to self…stop going with the defensive teams in Soccer…it DOESN’T WORK!}

Now the question is easy…who will they face a shot at a Championship?  I picked RSL and I’m sticking to it (plus they’re my adopted team.)  If they get RSL my boys from Salt Lake better watch out since a much younger David Beckham helped ManU win a Premier League and FA Cup “Double” in ’95.  (Bet you didn’t know THAT one!) {And we all thought he was just some mediocre/good-looking/midfielder/who-was-more-famous-than-he-should’ve-been!}

So, once again, for the record, I’m taking RSL today over Chicago.  I mean, who wants to be Chicago and have to play the hottest team in Soccer?  “Not I said the fly.” And RSL responds in classic Diana Rigg fashion “How now Brown Cow?”