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The Five Finest MLS Venues: What’s #4?

Background: I know many fans out there are surprised to see the Home Depot Center (aka “the HDC” and “The Cathedral of American Soccer”) all the way down here at #4 on this list. After all, not one but two teams (the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA) call the field their home. But, I think it pales in comparison to some other fields, so it’s #4.

Construction: The HDC cost $150 million to construct, but that money also went into creating the 125 acre soccer facilities that surround the actual stadium. It was opened in 2003 after a long build, and since then it has been the host for the 2003 All-Star Game and the 2003 MLS Cup. It’s a beautiful stadium located in Carson, California.

Features: The HDC was the first “state of the art” soccer specific stadium in America. It has a huge “Jumbotron”, room for 27,000 fans and a slew of luxury boxes where celebrities (like Kobe Bryant) take in matches (well, Galaxy matches anyways). It also has perhaps the best training facilities of any venue in MLS, or the world for that matter.

Fans: One reason I haven’t ranked the HDC higher is that fans usually fail to show up for Chivas USA games. Sure, when Beckham’s in town with the Gals, it’s overflowing, but when the Goats are hosting, the Akwid blasting on the sound system drowns out the fan’s chants. It’s a beautiful stadium, no doubt, but I think it belongs at #4 on this list.