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The Duck Quacks!

Alexander ‘the duck’ Pato struck a brace on wednesday night to give his struggling Milan team a vital victory in the Champions league. After all the talk concerning this match, it finally lived up to my expectation. Like i said before, Milan seem to be an entirely different team when playing in Europe.

Ronaldinho again had another stellar performance as he amazed the capacity crowd with his witty flicks (although not all were happy with it). However, he is still lacking pace and it clearly showed as he was not back-tracking while on the defense. However, he is slowly improving.

I have always believed that Clarence seedorf was past his playing days. But that changed after seeing just how vital he is to this squad. They might be old but they have done one thing that other clubs have not done – they have mastered the art of playing as a team.

Milan are top of group c. The last time they were on top of any league or group was quite a very long time ago. Leonardo should now capitalise on this short wining streak and continue to build on it. The man of the match was of course Pato.

At only twenty, he is the future of Milan. I believe he can replace Kaka as the star player. Galliani should not bother returning to South America to search for Milan’s next big thing. Pato is there and only time will tell just how good he can become.