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The Cup Ain’t Leaving Africa

The World Cup is not leaving Africa. Not for another six years at least. The only other team that stands a chance of wining the cup is Brazil. Either way, history will be made in South Africa. I say this with no disrespect.

Here’s why. Brazil is aiming at getting their sixth title – no other team on the face of the planet comes close to that record. Plus they are the only team to have never missed a world cup tournament.

However, Brazil is lacking their flair. They may be wining and they may even be the top ranked team in the world but they are no longer entertaining. I don’t know if it’s just me or if this is everyone’s feeling. This current squad is missing the kind of players who can light up the scene.

KaKa is a very talented player and we all know what he is capable of, but what Coach Dunga should do in my opinion is re-call Ronaldinho to the national team. You see what Gaucho needs is another chance. Everyone does and I believe the challenge of wining a record 6th title with the samba boys will restore him to his former glory days.

It’s hard to live up to your full potential when everyone around you has written you off. I don’t think the problem is with Ronnie, on the contrary, I think that it’s with the people around him. Am not saying they are bad people but if they could just believe in him a little more then this could be the motivating factor that spurs him on to greater success.

That said, the second reason why history will be made is because not only is the tournament being held on African soil for the first time but also because it might be won by an African team. I can already hear your sighs but let me explain. Although African football is going through a re-structuring process, we have teams that can give any side a run for their money – Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon and Egypt are just a fewof them.

This new confidence FIFA has in Africa has extended such that the continent has been given the rights to host both the under 17 and under 20 championships. This increased confidence has had a trickle down effect and all African teams that qualify will want to ensure their fairytale ends with the title of being the world champs.

Our best hope for lifting the trophy lies with Ivory Coast. They are currently the top ranked team in Africa and their squad has a blend of both youth and experience. All they must ensure is that their game plan is effective. All the other 32 nations won’t be walkovers and everyone will be out to prove their worth.

So will I be there to support our sons in their time of need? Of course, I have to be. I have to be part of the folks who will make history. So my take on the winners of the tournament is either Brazil or any other African nation.