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The Cup Ain’t Leaving Africa

The World Cup is not leaving Africa. Not for another six years at least. The only other team that stands a chance of wining the cup is Brazil. Either way, history will be made in South Africa. I say this with no disrespect.

Here’s why. Brazil is aiming at getting their sixth title – no other team on the face of the planet comes close to that record. Plus they are the only team to have never missed a world cup tournament.

However, Brazil is lacking their flair. They may be wining and they may even be the top ranked team in the world but they are no longer entertaining. I don’t know if it’s just me or if this is everyone’s feeling. This current squad is missing the kind of players who can light up the scene.

KaKa is a very talented player and we all know what he is capable of, but what Coach Dunga should do in my opinion is re-call Ronaldinho to the national team. You see what Gaucho needs is another chance. Everyone does and I believe the challenge of wining a record 6th title with the samba boys will restore him to his former glory days.

It’s hard to live up to your full potential when everyone around you has written you off. I don’t think the problem is with Ronnie, on the contrary, I think that it’s with the people around him. Am not saying they are bad people but if they could just believe in him a little more then this could be the motivating factor that spurs him on to greater success.

That said, the second reason why history will be made is because not only is the tournament being held on African soil for the first time but also because it might be won by an African team. I can already hear your sighs but let me explain. Although African football is going through a re-structuring process, we have teams that can give any side a run for their money – Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon and Egypt are just a fewof them.

This new confidence FIFA has in Africa has extended such that the continent has been given the rights to host both the under 17 and under 20 championships. This increased confidence has had a trickle down effect and all African teams that qualify will want to ensure their fairytale ends with the title of being the world champs.

Our best hope for lifting the trophy lies with Ivory Coast. They are currently the top ranked team in Africa and their squad has a blend of both youth and experience. All they must ensure is that their game plan is effective. All the other 32 nations won’t be walkovers and everyone will be out to prove their worth.

So will I be there to support our sons in their time of need? Of course, I have to be. I have to be part of the folks who will make history. So my take on the winners of the tournament is either Brazil or any other African nation.

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  1. falade umar

    in my own point of view inter should try and offload pazzo, lucio, samual, maicon, forlan, stankovic and even sneidjer because they are all weak and bring in fresh legs

  2. superquinnbag

    Lucas is great and would be wonderful but lets gets Couthino back,he’s amazing!

  3. Anthony

    So far Inter has agreed to bring in Destro and Guarin. These are two good signings. Destro is a good striker who is young and has potential and could play up top with Castaignos in the future. The first thing that needs to be on Inter’s mind is Wesley Sneijder. I feel that he may leave to Manchester United this year, since the are offering Champions League football. If we do sell him then Inter will need to sign Lucas. Lucas can be better than Neymar, but will cost less. A combination of Lucas, Coutinho and Alvarez as the 3 attacking Midfielders will bode very well for Inter. Inter will probably transfer out Lucio, Stankovic, Forlan, and I feel they should transfer out Pazzini, Cambiasso, Viviano, Muntari, Jonathan, and maybe Nagatomo, if we can get a better LB, and sell the final 50% of Kucka, if we still own half of him. With the addition of Lucas and the transferring of the others I can see Inter playing a 4-4-2.

    Goalkeepers: Cesar will most likely be Inter’s keeper next year. Viviano says that he wants to be Inter’s starter, but I don’t know if he’s good enough and I think that we could transfer him out. With the money that we get from him I feel that Inter should go after Borussia Monchengladbach’s Marc-André Ter Stegen. He is just 20 and is developing into a great keeper and he is already a good keeper, having 15 shutouts in 34 games this past year. If Ter Stegen comes in then I could see Cesar leaving, but Monchengladbach could say that he needs to be loaned back for the upcoming year, if this were to happen then Cesar will be the starter and Castellazzi will be the back-up. If Inter transfers out Cesar after acquiring Ter Stegen then he will start and Castellazzi will back-up. This also depends on how Viviano does with the Italian squad in preparation for the Euro’s.

    LB: I could see Nagatomo leaving the club, although he has shown bright spots I don’t think that he has enough quality to be Inter’s starting LB for the next few years. If he were to get transferred then Chivu or Zanetti would play LB or someone that we would bring in.

    CB: Lucio says that he wants to leave, which leaves a hole at CB next to Samuel. Juan is still developing and Ranocchia is a decent player, but I feel that we have to get a strong CB. One player that I like a lot is Sakho from PSG. He has a lot of strength and is also young and can help Inter now and in the future. If not then Ranocchia will start and I could see Inter trying to get Ogbonna, who is also young and has a lot of quality.

    RB: Maicon will be Inter’s RB next year, but the question is who will be Inter;s RB for the future, many say Jonathan, but I feel that Faraoni is the answer. He has come through Inter’s youth team and has quality. Faraoni is also 6 years younger and I feel that he can be a good RB for Inter. Due to this I feel that we should try and transfer Jonathan and get some money while we can.

    LM: If we sell Sneijder and get Lucas he will play LM, put will also change with Ricky and Coutinho. Lucas has a ton of skill, great pace and good shooting. He will be very good coming down the left flank and cutting inside finding through balls for the forwards and also creating chances for himself. The guys who could back him up would be Faraoni and Obi.

    CM: Inter currently has many CM’s, Sneijder, Zanetti, Obi, Ricky, Coutinho, Guarin, Muntari, Cambiasso, Stankovic and Poli. Of these players I feel that only Zanetti, Obi, Ricky, Coutinho, Guarin and Poli will be back, leaving opportunities for younger players like Cristeg and Romano to get playing time with the first team. Inter has their two CM’s on their team already in Ricky and Coutinho, both are young, but they have a lot of flair and skill, and they are both still developing. Zanetti, Guarin, Obi, Cristeg and Romano can back them up and I feel that we should buy Poli and potentially loan him out to get him first team football.

    RM:This spot will be Zanetti’s as long as he doesn’t play LB. He and Maicon will be switching between these two positions as Maicon goes forward and Zanetti drops back to cover. If we have another attacking player at this spot it could lead to trouble on defense, but we will need someone with pace, like Obi. Obi is very young and I see him more as a winger than a central midfielder, because of his pace. Faraoni can also play in this spot and drop back or attack when Maicon goes forward.

    ST: This is Inter’s weakness Pazzini and Forlan will most likely be gone, leaving the club with only Milito, Castaignos and Destro. I feel that Castaignos would benefit from first team football and we could loan him out to a Serie A team, or loan him back to a Dutch team. Milito will start up top and we could put Destro up top with him, but if we want a different striker we could go after Robert Lewandowski from Borussia Dortmund.

    Inter needs to keep some older players (Cesar, Chivu, Samuel, Maicon, Zanetti, Castellazzi, Milito) in order to maintain order and help the younger players grow. Inter also needs to bring in a new generation and I feel that Stramaccioni can help usher them in and also the players coming up through the season. If these transfers were to happen Inter would have a good balance of young and old and they should be able to go far in the Europa League and do well in Serie A. Inter will probably have to retain some players in order to field a deeper squad, but younger players coming up should be able to fill roles.

  4. Abdi

    Just i am the one of the fun inter and i live in Mogadisho Somalia East Africa i am very suport inter Milan and suports this team since 1996 as but i hate how to play inter this season and i suport the idea Inter should sell, , Pazzini, Forlan, and instead buy Lavezzi, Lucas, Gomez, and Destro but i woulkd like to stay inter Sniejder

  5. Luccio

    Only sell sneijder if inter get at least 30-35mil for him. Coutinho and jonathan will come back and if inter get Lucas and Gomez and maybe even lavezzi, inter should be fine. Sell maicon, forlan, pazzo, Lucio, stank, muntari and mariga. Buy Guarin and poli permanent and also Nigel de Jong and kolarov from city.

  6. sebastian

    I like the idea of destro returning to inter. also os lavezzi and papu gomez playing for inter. however i dont think we should sell sneijder, he is too good to give away. at least for another season he should stay.

  7. DADDY

    I really enjoy your articles. The structure and content is always top notch. Forza inter!

  8. Anonymous Person

    Inter need to get a center back because as we can see, with all respect to Lucio and Samuel but they sometimes can’t play good for 90 minutes, as everyone saw against Marseilles the mistake in the last minute resulted in our elimination from the CL. Also , Maicon has lost his spirit lately , he only plays well in big matches and in the rest he just walks around the field, isla is a good replacement. So we need a replacement for him. Nagatomo is good on the attacking side but his mistakes in defense are severe, kolarov will be good there. In the CM, De Jong has shown interest in leaving man city for his lack of playing minutes. Inter should sell, Sniejder , Pazzini, Forlan, and instead buy Lavezzi, Lucas, Gomez, and Destro

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