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The Best Players in US WNT History: Who’s #7?

Her Story: Shannon MacMillan is one of the most overlooked WNT members because she wasn’t one of the ladies to emerge as a star at the 1999 World Cup (though she was a “super sub”). She grew up in California and won the NCAA Player of the Year Award at Univ. of Portland. She got her first cap for the WNT in 1994 and served it for a decade.

Her Stats: MacMillan was the US Female Soccer Athlete of the Year in 2002, which really was her prime. Over her long career as a midfielder and forward, she amassed the seventh most appearances (176), the seventh most goals (60) and the fifth most assists (53). She could dish the ball as well as she could score, making her a dangerous threat.

Her Trophies: MacMillan played a big role during the 1996 Olympics, and she even notched the overtime goal in the Semifinal that would push the squad to the Final where they would win the Gold Medal. She also served as an important player during the 1999 World Cup run. She was one of the most clutch performers in WNT history.

Her Legacy: MacMillan wasn’t big (5’5″), but she was arguably one of the most tenacious players in team history. Though she had to settle for third at the 1995 and 2003 World Cups, she always played with passion and she was certainly a fan favorite. Her stats were remarkable and her contributions were undeniable. She deserves this spot.