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The Best Players in US WNT History: Preview

The US Women’s National Soccer Team is perhaps the most dominant squad in all of soccer history. I am not talking about just women’s soccer, I am talking about all soccer. Over the last two decades, the team has risen from obscurity to become a national treasure and a force to be reckoned with in every major tourney. Yes, they are that good.

The key to their initial ascendency and eventual dynasty is undoubtedly their talented players. You don’t win two World Cups, three Olympic Golds, and six Algarve Cups with mediocre squads, so it is without question that the US WNT has featured some of the best soccer players in world history. But, who were the all-time best eight players?

Well, over the next week and a half, I will be ranking the finest eight players in WNT history. Now, this was no easy list to concoct, and I can already tell I will have to add a few more names in the future simply because there are some ladies that were left off who deserve the honor. But, I will first tell you about the elite eight. How did I rank them?

Well, I used three criteria when selecting the eight best WNT players:

  1. Her career stats (appearances, goals, clean sheets, etc.)
  2. Her role in winning trophies (bench warmers need not apply)
  3. Her legacy (influence on playing style and popularity of the sport)

While I am sure #1 will come as no surprise to anyone who follows the Women’s Nats, I think #2 through #8 will shock a few of you out there, and I know I will omit some of your favorites, so please let me hear about it in the comments. Until then, please come back to STO over the next week and a half to learn about these players’ fantastic feats (with their feet, no less).