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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Ronaldinho (#60)

Creative Commons License photo credit: michale

The Pick: Ronalidhino is one of the world’s most famous soccer players. People know him for his stylish play, which has resulted in a win (2002). People know him for his nose for the net, which is evidenced by his +30 goals for and +120 goals for pro clubs (mostly Barca and Milan). For a while there before the emergence of Messi and Ronaldo, Ronaldhino was pretty much “the Face” of soccer. And it is such a strange face, isn’t it? The man is plain ugly.

The Flick: I know, I have no room to talk. But, seriously, Ronaldhino looks beastly, which is probably why he plays like a beast. In fact, I think it’s ironic that Sir Ron of Brazil is one of “the most beautiful players of his generation on the pitch” (i.e. dribbling, passing, scoring), but hard to look at off of it. This is your “Face”, soccer! Pick a better one. So, what legendary actor keeps getting his face (and other stuff) plastered on film posters and is considered as ugly as sin?

Yep, I’m going with Ron Jeremy…

The Limerick: I think he has the hair to pull it off. No, not the hair down… nevermind:

 Legendary players are known by only one name

Ronaldhino is one, but did vices tame his fame?   

He clubbed ’til morn

Then made a porn

And he never left a party before he came