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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Messi (#94)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Shht!

The Pick: I know what you are thinking: “is that really a picture of a bib with Messi’s face on it?” Well sports fans, I am not an expert on the subject, but – yes – that is exactly what it appears to be. It is fitting too because Messi – more than any other player of his generation so far (and that it includes Ronaldo and Kaka) – makes opposing teams cry like babies. Although he is only 22, he’s won the Ballon d’Or and 3 La Liga titles. Plus, he’s appeared for ARG over 40 times.

The Flick: I obviously think Messi will one day inhabit a Top 25 (if not Top 5) position in these rankings, but I can’t put him there until he has another decade or so of dominance. I think he will get there though. As for who I think should play him in my fictional movie, I think I would go with an actor who – like Messi – has shown amazing promise and racked up great performance after performance despite his tender years: Gael Bernal Garcia. Wait a minute…

The Limerick: That is actually my first casting that made any sense. Yep, it was luck:

Witnessing Messi on the dribble is like watching Picasso paint

Both are so dazzling they even cause some spectators to faint

Diego was a God

But Messi is less flawed

“The Successor” is just Maradona with restraint!