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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Kopa (#52)

Champs Elysees, George V...
Creative Commons License photo credit: gabyu

The Pick: Raymond Kopa played many, many games for Stade Reims. I consider him France’s “Iron Horse” even though (1) that phrase sounds like an oxymoron and (2) he does not have a terrible disease named after him like Lou Gehrig (yet). He also had a prolific international career, and in 1958 he was awarded the Golden Ball as the top player in the (where France finished 3rd). Though he didn’t win it all, some say his play in ’58 was the best ever.

The Flick: Kopa was electrified during that entire tournament, as was his partner in crime, Just Fontaine, who I – the Bard – spoke a soliloquoy about a few weeks ago. I bet Ray wishes he and Just could go back in time with Doc Brown for another chance at that championship. That would make a great movie. But, who would play Kopa in my fictional Back to the Future ripoff? Well, how about an actor from the original who looks almost exactly like Kopa. Crispin Glover. 

The Limerick: Creepy! Kopa’s casting was a kick in the nuts, now here is a poem by a putz:

Kopa’s career ensured he could always “walk tall”

Which is ironic because the mid was quite small

But call him short

And he will retort

That you can kiss his Golden Ball