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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Fontaine (#78)

les français vainqueurs
Creative Commons License photo credit: leafar.

The Pick: Just Fontaine? Just one of the best French soccer players ever! Mr. Fontaine was born in Morocco, but he did his most damage in a blue jersey for France. His career was cut short by injury, but he managed to make enough of an impression in his 200 pro games and 21 international matches that he deserves inclusion here. After all, he did still score 166 pro goals and 30 for les Bleus. You read that correctly, that’s 30 goals in 21 matches. 

The Flick: That’s insane. The Stade Reims star notched most of those goals at the 1958 World Cup when he won the Golden Boot for scoring 13 goals, a record that may never be broken. In fact, his 13 goals from that one Cup lands him at #3 all-time. Why isn’t he higher up? Because he didn’t do too much else. What actor gave one amazing performance and otherwise disappeared. Tom Hulce from Amadeus. He looks like Fontaine just a little bit too.

The Limerick: These rhymes will do you no justice Just, sorry:

Many men think Casablanca was just a place on the silver screen

But Just Fontaine grew up there, and knows the streets are mean

He managed to escape

Then in ’58 left ’em agape

And later left ladies in awe with his “personal” hygiene