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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: F. de Boer (#89)

Creative Commons License photo credit: jpvargas

The Pick: If you are wondering why Mr. Frank “The Tank” de Boer is the only man to get his initial before his last name in the heading of a post in this illustrious and legendary series (and who isn’t), it is not because he is better than the other honorees. It’s just that he’s the only one with a twin brother (Ronald “The McDonald” de Boer). Now, both were great, but Frank was better. He has the second most caps ever for Clockwork Orange, and he’s an Ajax legend.  

The Flick: Now, Frank is primarily on this list because he was one of the stingiest defenders ever. Yes, he held down the Dutch’s defensive center for many years, and he did it well. However, I think he could have actually contributed more over the years if utilized at left back, where he showed he could shut down defenders and assist the offense. So, what actor should play Frank? How about an actor who is also often used in the wrong role: Craig Sheffer. Wait…  

The Limerick: That makes no sense. But, hey, at least he does sort of look like Sheffer:

Frank shared the womb with Ron, his identical kin,

He loved his brother, and  always wanted him to win,

So they never played a game,

Where their teams weren’t the same,

 In fact it seems like Ron was Frank’s siamese twin.