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The Bard’s 100 Best Soccer Players: Barthez (#99)

french touch
Creative Commons License photo credit: ilgigrad

The Pick: OK, please stop ridiculing my pick of Fabien Barthez as one of the Top 100 long enough for me to make my case. First of all, France’s GK won a (1998) and he led his squad to another Final (2006). Moreover, he played well in over 550 professional matches over his 17 year career for teams like and . He also has won the Yashin Award and he holds the all-time record for most clean sheets in World Cup history.

The Flick: Barthez is not exactly what I would call a handsome man. He’s as bald as a bat, and his many forms of facial hair have been remarkably ridiculous. To play him in his bio-flick, I think I would reach out to Gerard Depardieu. I know what you are thinking. Gerard is not in the right physical form to play Fabien. Well, he may have to lose a few stones, but I think they have similar facial structures, and I know Gerard will have the accent down. 

The Limerick: Barthez deserves a better ode, but this was all I had time to craft:

When it comes to the Cup, no one has been better between the posts

Than Fabien Barthez who has made many strikers eat their boasts.

Though he lacks a head of hair,

A GK with talent like his is rare

So please spare me the comments that he was just milquetoast.