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The Ball is Back in Inter’s Court

Goal!Inter has had a rough go this recent stretch in league play, but the squad still has a great chance of winning the league title thanks to a slip-up by Roma last week in Serie A

Jose Mourinho’s side was up at one point by a double digit points margin, but following his suspension for a handcuff gesture at a referee and following a brilliant Champions League run, the powerhouse side allowed their dominant lead to diminish and have experienced second place results for awhile.

But the good news for Serie A’s best squad is that they have taken over control of their destiny once again and if they were to blow that lead once again then they have proven that they do not deserve to win the title this year.  Think that is a bit of a bold statement?  Allow me to explain why.

In Inter’s last three matches of the season, not one team that they will face is currently on the top half of the league.  In fact two of the teams are near the bottom of the league table and the one that isn’t is currently in eleventh place.  Now you can’t count the wins until they actually happen, but can you honestly tell me that Siena and Lazio are two teams to fear? 

Although they are fighting for survival this year it seems like the relegation fight is all but over.  Siena would have to win out to survive and then get a few more breaks.  Lazio is up six points over third to last place Atalanta and will likely be in a comfortable position heading into next season unless Atalanta can basically win out.  In fact Chievo Verona is the only team that stands in Inter’s way and although the club just beat Fiorentina a week back, I doubt that they will defeat the powerhouse squad in such a vital match.

The ball is in Inter’s court, now they just have to beat the teams they are supposed to beat.  And then they can celebrate a possible double.       

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lights Out Photos