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The 10 Greatest MLS Cup Finals: What’s #6?

The Scene: The 2007 MLS Cup Final is on this list for many reasons far beyond its recent relevancy. The Houston Dynamo took on the New England Revolution in a rematch of the thrilling 2006 title game. The match was played (again) at RFK.

It was yet another classic match between the two squads, and when it was over HOU had won their second consecutive MLS Cup over NER.

The Build-Up: Both the Revs and the Dynamo had finished second in their respective conferences during the regular season, and HOU had rolled through the playoffs while the Revs squeaked out some narrow wins by playing fierce defense. Though HOU had won the previous Cup, NER had won the 2007 Open Cup and looked darn good.

The Game: In the 20th minute, Taylor Twellman notched a goal for the Revs, and since they hadn’t given up a goal in several games, it looked like Nicol and his boys would finally get their title. Then, fate intervened in the form of two Dynamo second half goals. The game winner was struck by the most clutch player in MLS history, Dwayne de Rosario.

The Legacy: This game was significant for several reasons. First of all, it was simply thrilling to see HOU overcome a deficit in the second half to win the title for the second straight time. Secondly, it unfortunately cemented the Revs’ status as the Buffalo Bills of MLS. I, for one, really hopes Steve Nicol and the Revs eventually get that title for Mr. Kraft.