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The 10 Best MLS Teams Ever: Who’s #3?

The 1998 Los Angeles Galaxy were the greatest offensive team in MLS history, so they belong at #3 on this list. In 32 games, they scored an unbelievable 85 goals. They also won a record 22 games (plus two more in shootouts). Their attack makes them an easy selection for this list.

Cobi Jones was the impetus behind the Gals phenomenal attack in 1998. In only 24 games, he scored 19 goals and had 13 assists. Welton also had an unbelievable season, scoring 17 goals and notching 11 assists. Mauricio Cienfuegos was the third playmaker, with 13 goals and 16 assists.

It wasn’t all offense that made the Gals great though. Kevin Hartman also finished second in the league in GAA and shutouts. Also, Danny Pena and Robin Fraser played the role of enforcers to perfection. The Gals were also nearly unbeatable on the road, posting an unbelievable 13-3 record.

They had amazing stamina too. The Gals scored 55 second half goals, which is more than most teams score in a whole season. They would probably be the number one all-time team too, if they hadn’t flamed out of the playoffs in the Semis. But, they still deserve recognition as the #3 MLS team ever.