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The 10 Best MLS Teams Ever: Who’s #2?

I was very tempted to put the 1999 DC United squad on the top of this list. After all, they were an amazing team. They won the Supporters Shield and blazed through the playoffs to take the MLS Cup Championship. They were very dominant, but I think they fit better here at #2 all-time.

The 1999 squad secured DC United’s third title in four years. They had eleven more goals than any other team in the league. The only reason they are number two is that their defense was less than stellar. It didn’t really matter though how many goals they gave up because they always scored so many.

Roy Lassiter was their go-to-guy up top, with 18 goals and 11 assists. Jaime Moreno added 10 goals and 13 assists and Marco Etcheverry rounded out DC’s “Big Three” with a whopping 17 assists. A young Ben Olsen also managed to hit double digits in assists with 11.

Moreno was really the star of this team and his performance in 1999 may have been the most consistently clutch in MLS history. He had five game winning goals and five game winning assists. Lassiter deserves a lot of credit too. He scored in six consecutive games and took home the Golden Boot.

This team had so many amazing statistics, I could quote them all day. But I’ll stop now. I think I’ve made my point. DC United’s 1999 squad was the second best in MLS history.