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The 10 Best MLS Teams Ever: Who’s #1?

I am sure many of you are questioning my choice of the 2008 Columbus Crew as the greatest team in MLS history. You’re probably thinking, “Wow, he must have a short memory span.” Well, you’re right. But, I still think the 2008 Crew were the best team in the history of MLS, and I’ll tell you why:

They epitomized teamwork. They played with unparalleled grit and devotion. They never gave up and they never took a game off. Every player contributed. They weren’t flashy and they didn’t put up staggering statistics, but they did play the best “team” soccer in MLS history.

Their statistics weren’t too shabby either. They won four more games than any other team in the league and finished second in goals and third in goals against. Schelotto was the star and the playmaker, with 19 assists in only 27 games. His leadership of this squad was perhaps the best in MLS history.

I love this team for #1 all-time in MLS because they played with tenacity and honor. They probably were not the most talented team, but they got the best results because they worked together toward a common goal. They have reached the mountaintop, and I salute them as the #1 MLS team ever.

I hope you all enjoyed this series on the greatest teams in MLS history. If I omitted one of your favorites, please let me hear about it in the comments. Also, keep coming back to STO for the best soccer news, commentary and analysis on the interwebs.