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Tevez: Money Has Never Been My Motivation

Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak issued some very scathing remarks yesterday to Carlos Tevez and AC Milan warning them in effect that for either party to get their way in this messy situation, the club’s standards must be met.

On a day when Tevez was fined a staggering £9.3 million for his disrespectful actions towards City coach Roberto Mancini last September, a tough talking Mubarak made it crystal clear that Tevez will not leave City until Milan or any other club are willing to meet their buying price of £25 million.

Mubarak went on to say that should no club meet their asking price the Tevez will have to honour the 2 and half years left on his current deal. Below are some excerpts from the fiery press conference.

“Carlos remains a player with contractual obligations to Manchester City for the next two-and-a half seasons. Unless we receive an offer that we deem appropriate, the terms of his contract will be enforced.

Inter Milan and Paris St Germain approached discussions with us in good faith and it is always a positive experience to deal with people with a professional approach. As things stand AC Milan isn’t an option for Carlos Tevez.

“Mr. Galliani and his advisors have developed a misplaced sense of confidence from their premature discussions with Carlos and his advisors. If they want to be a consideration in this transfer window they would do better to stop congratulating one another and begin to look at how they would meet our terms.”

From the statement above you can see that Mubarak’s respect for Milan is almost non existent. Mubarak is apparently incensed by Milan’s offer of signing Tevez on loan until the end of the season before buying.

City on the other hand want to end all ties with Tevez immediately and would be happy to see him leave for good. Plus renegotiating again at the end of the season is not an idea they would like to entertain.

So what does Tevez have to say about all this? A spokesman for the player revealed that in spite of the problems, money has never been a motivation for him and that all he wanted was to get back to playing football.

“Carlos has said many times before that money has never been a motivation,”

“We reached an agreement with Manchester City in terms of his wages and he returned to Argentina and nothing has changed on that front. Now all Carlos wants to do is get back to playing football again.”

A deal for Tevez must be concluded this week or the 27 year old will have to be content with the beautiful game from the sidelines for the rest of the season until City’s requirements are met.

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