Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer

MLS Media Blitz Should Result in PR Sacking

Explain this to me MLS front-office PR-type people…

You have a 20 week offseason, but you wait until the last week before the season starts to send four guys (Olsen, Twellman, Conrad, Davino) to NYC for one day to take MLS’s “message to the masses”? The PR masterminds behind the “Gigli” campaign did a better job of promoting their product. 

This raises another interesting question, how many people does MLS’s PR department consider a “mass”? Anything more than a baker’s dozen would probably be one too many (so, basically a dozen).

Major League Soccer

Hartman Nearing Saves Record

Another MLS story not getting enough press: Kevin Hartman’s assault on the All-Time Saves Record…

Hartman, 33, spent his entire career with the Galaxy until moving to the Wiz last year. In a legendary career spanning over 250 games, he has won two MLS cups and the MLS Goalkeeper of the Year Award (1999). Despite being infrequently selected for national team duty, Hartman has had a career most American keepers would envy.

Major League Soccer

MLS All-Time Top Scorer Title Up For Grabs

There are merely a few days left now until the season kicks off. So for the last few days, I will cover some storylines to follow this season that I think have flown a bit under the radar. But then again, since we are talking about MLS, pretty much everything except for David Beckham’s private plane flies under the radar…

For today we will discuss: Who will end the season as the MLS All-Time Leading Scorer?

The Career Goals Scored Title is (or at least should be) to MLS fans what the Career Homerun Title is to MLB fans and the Career TDs title is to NFL fans (i.e., a big deal). Yet, the battle for #1 overall seems to get very little ink.

Major League Soccer

2008 MLS Season Preview: Prediction Edition

Well, here they are. 

My predictions.

A bunch of meaningless nothingness really.

Just an opinion.

One that probably should be better informed too.

But hey, it’s a democracy (in theory).

Every man with an equal voice.

So get ready for mine to exercise my Constitutional Right to be wrong… about everything…

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Toronto FC 2008 Season Preview

Toronto FC

2007 Record: 6-17-7 (7th in East)

Coach: Mo Johnston (2nd Year) John Carver (1st Year)

Key Players: Maurice Edu, Marvell Wynne, Jeff Cunningham

Key Pickups: Julius James (Drafted 9th Overall), Pat Phelan (Drafted 10th Overall)

Key Losses: Chris Pozniak (to San Jose), Ronnie O’Brien (to San Jose)

2008 Outlook: Poor

No more Mo?

I miss seeing him on the sidelines already and the season hasn’t even started. Toronto fans can take solace in the fact he is still closely affiliated with the team, though now he makes decisions in the boardroom instead of on the pitch. Based on how the team played last year, that could be a good thing.

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San Jose Earthquakes 2008 Season Preview

San Jose Earthquakes

2007 Record: None

Coach: Frank Yallop (1st Year, kinda)

Key Players: Joe Cannon, Nick Garcia, Ned Gravaboy
Key Pickups: Everyone

Key Losses: None

2008 Outlook: Poor

San Jose is back to defend their title. Well, kind of anyways. Despite winning the Supporter’s Shield in 2005 (as well as MLS Cups in 2001 and 2003), the Quakes were placed on “hiatus” after the 2005 season. That’s a nice word MLS, “hiatus”.

A “hiatus” is defined as “a break or interruption in continuity”. TV shows go on hiatus. And when the TV shows come back, the old cast comes back too.

Major League Soccer

First MLS Fantasy Site Still The Best Game Around

Do the names Mark Lewis, Hal Jones or Ted Stone mean anything to you?

Probably not, so long as you are not one of the over 3,000 MLS fans who have played fantasy soccer at MFLS.COM.

But to fans of the most beautiful (virtual) game, those men are legends in their own right. Why? Well, they are some of the most accomplished MFLS players in the U.S. 

Back in 1996, fantasy (American) football had yet to become the popular juggernaut it is today. Moreover, no one had even really thought about playing fantasy soccer in America. Heck, no one had thought that much about playing actual soccer for that matter.

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An Open Letter to ESPN & MLS: I Want My M(LS)TV!

Less than one month from now the 2008 MLS Season will begin. If you need tickets, this is certainly the place to find them (did the ambiguous site name not make that clear?). But if you live too far away to attend most games you, like me, are reliant on television to bring you the action.

Now, if you’ve got MLS Direct Kick, Fox Soccer Channel, Telefutura, or HDNet, you’re covered. Go ahead, enjoy a smorgasbord of soccer entertainment. Just one question. Can I come over?

Because if you are like me, you don’t have those other options. And if you ain’t got the dish or those other pricey cable options though, you’re pretty much screwed. Why?

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New England Revolution 2008 Season Preview

New England Revolution

2007 Record: 14-8-8 (2nd in East)

Coach: Steve Nicol (7th Year)

Key Players: Taylor Twellman, Matt Reis, Steve Ralston, Michael Parkhurst

Key Pickups: Chris Albright (from L.A. Galaxy)

Key Losses: Pat Noonan (to AAFK), Andy Dorman (to St. Mirren)

2008 Outlook: Good

It’s official. Revs fans are tired of the Buffalo Bills comparisons. For a team from the land of champions (Red Sox are defending MLB champs, Celtics are rolling in the NBA, and the Patriots were, um, almost perfect…), finishing second is simply not good enough, even if you can do it four times in six years (and three years in a row now). The U.S. Open Cup the Revs won last year was nice, but I doubt it satisfied the notoriously demanding N.E. sports fans.

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Real Salt Lake 2008 Season Preview

Real Salt Lake

2007 Record: 6-15-9 (6th in West)

Coach: Jason Kreis (2nd Year)

Key Players: Nick Rimando, Kyle Beckerman, Robbie Findley

Key Pickups: Tony Beltran (Drafted 3rd Overall), Dema Kovalenko (from RBNY)

Key Losses: Alecko Eskandarian (to Chivas USA), Eddie Pope (Ret.)

2008 Outlook: Poor

Oh Lord, RSL has suffered enough, hasn’t it? First the terrible name, then the terrible team.