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Major League Soccer

Who Has Been the MLS Coach of the Year?

For the first time in a few years, the race for MLS Coach of the Year has been pretty hotly contested. With so many historic losers having good years, it seems to me that there is a multitude of individuals who could hear their named called at the season’s conclusion.

Who should get it for 2008?

Major League Soccer

NE Revolution Top L.A. Galaxy

I turned on Sky Sports this morning and the lead headline was that the New England Revolutuon had beaten David Beckham and the L.A. Galaxy 2-1 in a battle of the top teams in MLS. I must admit, I almost fell of my chair when I saws the headline.

Here are the game summaries from this week’s MLS games.

New England 2, Los Angeles 1
Adam Cristman scored two goals as the New England Revolution held on for a 2-1 victory over the Los Angeles Galaxy on Friday. Cristman opened the scoring with an unassisted tally in the 33rd minute and then doubled the advantage four minutes later with his career-high sixth goal of the season to give the Revolution a 2-0 advantage.

Major League Soccer

Rapids’ Erpen Worthy of Praise

The Colorado Rapids and the Houston Dynamo play this Saturday in an important match up for both teams. Colorado (3-3) sits in first place in the MLS Western standings five points ahead of Houston. The Rapids’ solid start to the 2008 season can be attributed to many factors. Chief among them has been the play of Argentine defender Facundo Erpen. The versatile 24 year-old player can play any position along the backline for the Rapids. He joined Colorado in 2007 via trade after a stint with D.C. United. Prior to his arrival in the United States, he began his career playing in the Boca Juniors youth system in his native Argentina.

Major League Soccer

MLS Power Rankings: Week 3

MLS Power Rankings [04/14]

  1. Chicago Fire [last week 4]: Last week I warned that if Barrett played well, the rest of the East would be toast. Well, a lone goal by Barrett lifted the Fire to the top of the league standings and to the top of these power rankings.
  2. Colorado Rapids [last week 5]: The Rapids defense is perhaps the best in the league and the improvements on offense make this team scary whether at home or away. Look for this team to make quite a racket this year.
Major League Soccer

The Reds Ink Former MVP Guevara

On Wednesday, Mo Johnston and Toronto FC signed former MLS MVP Amado Guevara after negotiating for his rights from Chivas USA. Likely intended to he the offensive ying to Maurice Edu’s defensive yang, Guevara provides Toronto, perhaps the league’s worst offensive team, with some much needed attacking help.

Guevara’s MLS career has involved many accolades, but it has endured just as many controversies. NFL has its T.O., and in many ways, Guevara could be considered MLS’s version of T.O., or A.G. He is a remarkably talented player who, unfortunately, knows it.

The things Toronto fans should like?

  • Focal point of potent MetroStars offense for four years.
Major League Soccer

MLS Players Union Releases Salaries

For the second straight year, the MLS Players Union has released the salaries of its members to the public. After looking at the numbers, its fair to say that Jeremy Barlow’s buddies won’t be asking him to pick up any bar tabs anytime soon. The 2008 Mr. Irrelevant makes a paltry $12,900 a year. No, there are no zeroes missing.

And people actually wonder why guys like Ty Harden decide to just pack it up and get square jobs.

A quick perusal of the numbers shows that the divide between the richest and poorest players dramatically widened during the 2008 offseason.

Major League Soccer

MLS Power Rankings: Week 2

MLS Power Rankings (04/07)

  1. DC United (last week 1): You win 4-1, you stay #1. No questions asked.
  2. Chivas USA (last week 2): Special K is perhaps one of the brightest young talents, if not the brightest young talent, in the entire league. The Goats did what they were supposed to against RSL.
  3. Kansas City (last week 5): Last week I lamented about “Poor Sealy” and how he fell down the depth chart so fast. Well, coming off the bench in the second half, Sealy slotted home the game winner. Well done! See, you don’t have to do it all with Argentines.
Major League Soccer

ESPN2 Primetime Thursday Kicks Off

ESPN2’s coverage of Major League Soccer kicks off tonight, and I couldn’t be jollier. I can actually watch the games at home tonight instead of going to the local soccer pub, which is nice, if for no other reason than I can imbibe as freely as I like and not have to call the wife for a ride home afterwards. She loves picking me up… she really does. She even loves cleaning the vomit out of the back seat the next day.

Here is what is on tap for the opening games…

Major League Soccer

MLS Power Rankings: Week 1

MLS Power Rankings (04/02)

  1. DC United (last week 2): How do you lose and move up one spot? Well, DCU’s performance against KC was not as bad as the score sheet indicated. If not for a questionable offsides penalty, DCU would have evened things in the second half and may have escaped from a very pumped-up KC team with a point.
  2. Chivas USA (last week 3): No Suarez (who missed the game to be at his father’s funeral) meant subpar D from Preki’s bunch. However, a late Galindo strike allowed Chivas to escape with a point. This team will have nine lives like that all season.
Major League Soccer

Ruud Awakening

The Colorado Rapids had just about the worst offense in the league last season. They finished dead last in the West in goals scored. They also averaged less than one goal a game, a feat matched only by newbie Toronto FC.

It wasn’t just last year either. 

The Rapids have played great D for years, but they’ve been plagued by a perpetual inability to score. No goals meant no success. All they needed was a playmaker.