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Switzerland’s World Cup Preview: The Debate

red white blueThe Glass is Half Empty

Switzerland has had a lack of success in their history and I think that things will not change this summer.  The club has never really proven that they can compete in the modern day and the proof is in the pudding.  Switzerland have never advanced past the first round of the European Championship and the few times that they have advanced past the first round in the Cup they have been immediately bounced out of the tournament.  They are by no means a terrible squad, but one that lacks any significant level of success over the years.  They do have some major league players, but they are mostly reserve players that do not see regular action on the pitch.  Also they have a tough bracket with the world’s best team and also a seriously underrated Chile team.  Even Honduras should give the squad a run for their money this summer. 

The Glass is Half Full

Switzerland has not done exceptional in past tournaments and they do still need to prove themselves in the later stages of critical events, but no one can deny that the nation is slowly improving at football and are now a regular big tournament team.  And right now the country has hit their best stride and won their European division that included Greece and they also have their best ever footballer on their team right now in his prime.  I realize that it is a long shot to expect the Switz to advance to the final match, but out of all the underdog teams the Switz may have the best shot.  They have experience in the event, a storng WCQ, and Alexander Frei. Need I say more.

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