Support WPS: L.A. Sol

Team History: The Sol, like the Galaxy, are owned primarily by AEG, the sports and entertainment behemoth that used to own most of MLS. The team’s uniforms are actually almost identical to the Gals too. With AEG’s deep pockets, I believe the Sol are in a very good position to emerge as a major power in the new league.

The Coach: Abner Rogers is a British born gent who has a reputation for developing some of the best women’s soccer players in the US. He is a two-time winner of the California Youth Soccer Association Coach of the Year Award and a legend in US youth soccer. The only question now is whether he is ready to coach in the “big leagues”. 

The Players: You have to like the Sol’s lineup. Marta, the Brazilian playmaker, is a three-time FIFA Player of the Year and I would wager she will easily win the first WPS MVP award if she can stay healthy. They also received three fine US WNT players, Aly Wagner and the dynamic duo I like to call “Boxx and Cox” (Shannon and Stephanie).

The Venue: Also like the Galaxy, the Sol will play their home games in “The Cathedral of American Soccer”, the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. The HDC is about as “state of the art” as it gets when it comes to soccer facilities in the US, and people in LA love the game, so I believe the Sol will have plentiful fan support at home games.

The Prediction: With Marta controlling their fortunes, it’s hard not to call the Sol the “favorite” entering the season. But, they seem to lack defensive experience and depth, so I think it could be a tougher run than many are expecting. Plus, while Marta is undoubtedly the best player, she is known for choking in the big matches, so I think they will fall short of the title this year.

One thought on “Support WPS: L.A. Sol

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  2. norman

    It seem that the referees, the media and even the president of the Italian Coaches is criticizing Mou. A lot of referees decisions oso went against Inter.

    ANd Inter is supposed to be the messiah for Italian FA. Serie A is going to lose a champion league slot, as the italian clubs keep dropping in their ranking in UEFA. What a joke?!!!

  3. Caio Filardi

    And if it is not enough, the filthy Milan once again was helped by arbitration. They are doing everything to take the title of Inter. Open the president Moratti eye, opens the eye.

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  5. norman

    Muntari was terrible. I had said that during the past few matches. Now he is a game-changer. Am I the only one who saw this or what?

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