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Super Deal in the Making: Ibs for Eto’o

It seems like the crazy deals are still not over with this off-season for Serie A football.  After already losing Kaka to Real Madrid it seems like another one of the best Serie A players is about to join La Liga as well.   SATO 2009 Most Valuable Player Zlatan Ibrahomovic is rumored to be heading to Barcelona in a deal that would in principle give Inter forward Samuel Eto’o, midfielder Alexander Hleb, and an additional 45 million euros.  The transaction sounds like it is nearly locked up and Barcelona president Joan Laporta even felt comfortable talking about it.

Laporta on the transaction,   “I can’t say that it will still happen if one of the conditions isn’t fulfilled since the signing has been agreed in a comprehensive manner.  I spoke with Samuel on Tuesday and after the dinner in Italy.  I’m not going to disclose these conversations. I’ll only say that his move is not a question of money.”

Both Samuel Eto’o and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have claimed that they would be open to the move if their club decided it was the best thing to do. 

And that’s where the debate begins: whose the better player?  Eto’o or Ibrahimovic.  Both men were the leading goal scorer on a club that won the league title.  Ibs led the league in goals, Eto’o finished in second but scored five more this year.  In the last three years both men have scored 57 goals.

The career lines are so close that either way you look at it, each club might lose a great player and gain one as well.