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NFL’s Super Bowl vs. FIFA’s World Cup

Lombardi Trophy 1
Creative Commons License photo credit: youraddresshere

Well, the 2009/2010 American football season has officially come to an end. Last night’s Super Bowl was the cherry on top of another delicious season of bone-crunching action. Sadly, we will now have to wait approximately half of a year for more college and pro games. Many of us will miss it. I know I sure will, even though my favored teams (Vanderbilt Commodores and Tampa Bay Buccaneers) didn’t exactly provide much entertainment over the last year.

Luckily for lovers of football, there is still plenty of “football” (aka soccer) to watch on the weekends until the NCAA and the NFL initate their 2010/2011 seasons. Now, I know plenty of people who love both football and soccer, but I am also aware of many people who are not only fans of just one, but who also detest the other. I know football fans who say soccer is “gay” and for girls. I know soccer fans who say football is boring and just bastardized rugby.

Now, I don’t understand why anyone would seek to disparage someone else’s passion just to try and make their own seem more veritable. I mean, we don’t go around insulting other people’s wives in order to prove to our own spouse that we love them a ton (well, not since we got back from the hospital after “the incident”, anyways). Both soccer and football are different, which is good. But, instead of celebrating their differences, many people engage in futile feuds.

For example, I guarantee you that over the last weekend hundreds (if not thousands) of people debated whether the Super Bowl or the was the world’s largest sporting spectacle. Personally, I just don’t understand why we have to pitch these great events against one another. I love both sports spectacles. You see, I have never missed a Super Bowl and I am the guy who wakes up in the middle of the night to watch the Cup even if the Yanks aren’t playing. 

At the end of the day, arguing over whether the Super Bowl or the World Cup is superior is like debating whether Miranda Kerr or Marissa Miller is hotter (in case you are blind and reading the braille version of STO, they are both face-meltingly hot). So, instead of trying to opine one is better than the other, I decided I would list a few things that I love about both The Big Game and The Beautiful Game. It didn’t take too long for me to realize they are quite similar.

For instance, both enjoy diehard support from folks who travel long distances to just be near the event. Both are also played at a different location than the one before. Both require their eventual winner to beat the best in exciting knockout rounds. Both have their dynasties and their underdogs, as well as their goats and Cinderella Stories. Both have turned mortal men into gods. Finally, both have become way too commercialized. So, what I am saying is…

These two events are far more similar than detractors of either would have you believe. I mean, they both even have similar size trophies for heaven’s sake (and I think the Bucs have a better chance of hoisting a trophy bearing the name of Jules Rimet before they lift another one with Lombardi engraved on it). At the end of the day, can’t we all just agree on the fact that both the Cup and the Bowl are amazing sports spectacles and should never be missed by anyone? 

Well, that and the fact that the World Series sucks!