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Struggling Benzema Has Support From Club

The good news for Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema is that everybody on his team is publicly voicing their support of the Frenchman. The bad news for the recent transfer is that his teammates and coach feel the need to continue to voice their support regarding the struggling star. 

Benzema has been considered a big disappointment since his £35 million transfer mover over from Lyon in July 2009 and following a disappointing first season with the club (in which the forward started in less then 20 matches) this year has brought little promise to the future for the young striker. Benzema only has 1 goal in 11 appearances this season despite regularly playing for the league’s most potent offense. And with January coming up shortly, Benzema is often rumored to be the odd man out of the equation to the side’s future.

Benzema is one of those players that is often linked to a swap deal that would see his side land a more consistent high profile scorer, His coach Jose Mourinho has denied any interest in selling the young Frenchman so soon after acquiring him, but the same man has also admitted his desire for one more high profile forward who could potentially start for the team.

The truth is that it is never good to hear your name come up in the category of “we still support you despite your poor form” even if it is coming from your coach and some of your side’s most talented players including Sergio Ramos. At some point when push comes to shove the player must perform on that high level expected or else remedies will eventually be found.

For us ordinary folks with regular jobs, I know if my boss came into my office every day and tried to assure me that I would not be fired this week despite my poor performance… I’d start looking for a new job soon. And the same theory works in sports where players are bought and sold away in a moment’s notice like items on ebay.

The players and coach have Benzema’s back for now, but if another big transfer forward enters their camp then those assurances can easily fade away much like they did last year for the reserve.