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STO’s 2009 MLS Best XI

The 2009 MLS season was full of surprises. Many Best XI mainstays fell by the wayside as new blood infused the league with excitement. But who was the absolute best player at each position in MLS in 2009? That’s a good question, and one I probably shouldn’t have an “expert” opinion on. But, lacking expertise has never stopped me from meglomaniacally claiming to know everything about something, so let me present unto you the STO MLS Best XI!

Now, I based my roster strictly off regular season play, so please do not harass me in the comments if someone has a great run during the postseason and isn’t on the list (I wrote this on November 13th). I took into account the tangible things (e.g. stats) and the intangibles (e.g. heart and importance to team) and these were the 11 men I would want on my MLS All-Star squad based on their 2009 performances. Feel free to point out who I snubbed in the comments.

Just one more thing though. I also should tell you that I am going to employ ye olde 3-4-3 formation with my Best XI because there were too many mercurial strikers to choose from. In fact, I can’t believe a few guys are not on my list, and it’s my list. Plus, if we are going to be playing (in a fantasy world) other leagues’ All-Star teams (La Liga’s would be scary), we will need to score as much as possible. So, without further ado (do I even need to say it?), here’s my Best XI!

Cunningham — Donovan — Montero

Davis — Joseph — Ferreira — Schelotto

Conde — Marshall — Cameron


It was a tough list to compile, so please excuse me if I left off a deserving fellow (like Thornton, Casey, etc). Please come back tomorrow when STO will round out its 2009 MLS Awards by handing out turkey basters to the unlucky 2009 MLS Turducken Award winners. Now that we have discussed who had a great year, it is time to pick on those chaps who had a year they would like to forget. Until then, have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!

Note to self: Did you just type “Gobble Gobble”? Don’t do that again. In fact, when it comes to that, just go ahead and go cold turkey….