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STO Wins MFLS Blogger Invitational Championship

Since I last posted about this here, the MLS regular season has come to its conclusion. As always, it’s end signals the end of another MFLS season.

This year, we participated in the first (and maybe last) annual MFLS Blogger Invitational Championship, which was hosted by the Dynamo fanatics over at Nutmegged. Well, the results are now in…

In a wholly unsurprising ending, STO took home the division’s trophy by a huge 61 point margin. The celebration must be somewhat reserved though as it’s not really that hard to win when most of the other managers fail to monitor their squads as closely as need be to compete. I guess they were too busy working. Losers…

Here were the final standings after Week 31.

  1. STO
  2. Blue-Blooded Journo
  3. WV Hooligan
  4. PeleOrei
  5. Center Holds It
  6. Nutmegged
  7. Who Ate All The Cupcakes
  8. The DCenters
  9. Soccerlens

All in all, it was a good season for STO in MFLS. We finished in the top 100 (#90) in the prediction league, and we narrowly missed the top 100 (#113) in the fantasy league. Not too bad a finish in either league, considering we were up against 2,245 of the most diehard MLS fans out there.

We’re also already thinking about next year and hoping some other bloggers will get into the mix and promote MLS and MFLS. Call me crazy, but if we can get another league together next year, I’m not thinking we repeat or even three-peat as champions. No, it would be definitely a minimum eight-peat.

Bring it bloggers.

After this great MFLS season, I must give props to two individuals: Mark Wheeler and Kent Kille.

Mark is the creator of MFLS, a founding member of Sam’s Army and probably the biggest fan of soccer in the US I have ever heard about. Thanks for another great season, Mark.

Kent, or “Hotspur” as he is known in MFLS, finished #1 in both the prediction and fantasy leagues. It’s the first MFLS double ever, and in my opinion, a feat of monumental proportions. Anyone who has ever played MFLS for any amount of time realizes the dedication, skill and luck it would take to pull off what Kent did. Kent, I can only salute you, and revere you for what you are: an MFLS God.