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MLS 101: Final Exam Edition

Students, quiet down. It’s time for your Final Exam. I hope everyone has their #2 pencils and their blue books. I also hope you all reviewed my MLS 101 posts over the last month. Take as much time as you like, but please don’t cheat. If you read the information on the syllabus, you should be prepared.

Oh, and feel free to post your answers to the questions in the comments below, just let me know which question your comment refers to and I will tell you if you are correct… And time begins…


1. Which two teams are named after (natural or man-made) disasters?

2. Which five teams have been renamed, and what were their former names?

3. Which three teams won the MLS Cup in their inaugural season?

4. Which teams have coaches that used to play in MLS?

5. Which two MLS teams have won the CONCACAF Champion’s League?

6. Why is Jimmy Conrad so dreamy?

7. Which two inaugural MLS teams have never won a trophy of any kind?

8. Who scored the first goal in MLS history and will he ever shut up about it?

9. Which MLS teams have won the MLS double (Supporters Shield and MLS Cup in one season)?

10. Why does MLS hate Florida?

11. How can Florida, one of the most soccer crazy states, not have a team?

12. Seriously?

13. Who had better facial hair, Alexi Lalas or Marcelo Balboa?

14. David Beckham: disappointment or biggest disappointment ever?

15. Which team’s stadium’s name can also be used to describe the male sexual reproductive organ?

16. Speaking of them, what the heck was going on with Christian Gomez in Colorado! Why wouldn’t they play him? Someone, tell me…. Pleeeeeease!

OK, pencils down! Thanks for taking the quiz and please keep coming back to STO for the best soccer news, commentary and analysis on the interwebs.

Bonus Question: Forget you saw the graphic above and tell me which MLS team’s former name rhymes with “quiz”? You know I couldn’t resist! If only they played at Colorado’s venue, my dirty mind would explode!