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STO Flogs Other Blogs in MFLS Competition

As loyal STO readers may recall, a Houston Dynamo fan blog, Nutmegged, challenged STO and just about everyone else in the MLS blogosphere to a friendly game of fantasy football (er, soccer) on the web’s premiere MLS fantasy site, MFLS.com.

Well, twenty-four weeks are now complete, and I am happy to report STO has been dominating the bloggers who accepted Nutmegged’s challenge. Here is the standings with six weeks to play:

  1. STO
  2. Center Holds It
  3. Blue-Blooded Journo
  4. PeleOrei
  5. WV Hooligan
  6. Who Ate All The Cupcakes
  7. Nutmegged
  8. The DCenters
  9. Soccerlens

Now, to be fair, other than STO, only Nutmegged, WV Hooligan and PeleOrei appear to have been updating their teams regularly throughout the competition. So, while we look to be certain to claim the division fantasy title, we also put in a lot more time and effort than many of our competitors. But, hey, at the end of the day, STO can still claim bragging rights as the best blogger/fantasy manager in the land.

We are also dominating the blogger division’s predictions league, though again, there hasn’t been much activity from many of the other managers. While we wish the other bloggers had participated more regularly, we will take the trophies if no one else wants to step up and compete for them. We’re not too proud to win by default. Heck, we’re not proud at all, just devoted MFLS participants.

As things currently stand, out of the 2,245 MLS fans who signed up for MFLS this year, STO is currently in 141st place overall in the fantasy standings and 138th place overall in the prediction league. Not too shabby at all and certainly better than we expected.

Hopefully, we can finish this year strong and crack the Top 100 in both the fantasy and predictions standings. If so, we’ll complete the rare double and be content to wait until next year when a new crop of bloggers comes calling for a little competition.

Maybe next year they’ll actually play too!