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Stankevicius Joins Sevilla

Crossing the November Sky
Creative Commons License photo credit: lrargerich

Marius Stankevicius will join Sevilla for the rest of the season on a temporary mid-season loan from Italian Serie A squad Sampdoria.  Stankevicius is expected to dress out this weekend for his new club.  And the twenty eight year old joins a squad that has struggled recently and look to bounce back this weekend against a beatable opponent in Almeria. 

And Sevilla had the luck a week back of getting a double feature against last year’s treble winners.  Barcelona handed Sevilla a 1-0 loss in the Coppa del Rey and then followed up that performance with a 4-0 beating to the reeling squad over the weekend in league play.  And a club that is often considered fierce defensively has looked anything but that recently.  Hopefully the loan addition to the squad can tighten up some of these problems and Sevilla can do their usual top four Champions League berth deal.

Because after the first two months of the year it looked like Sevilla may be the best club to contend with Barca, but over the last month Sevilla has played some of the worst football of any major La Liga squad.  During a time of the year when most squads are picking up steam (Valencia, Deportivo, and obviously Barca), Sevilla has completely broken down and have struggled to put together a winning streak since early December.

The club needs Fabiano to reintroduce himself to the net, but they also need to bring back that tough defensive menatlity that has made Sevilla a great club for many past years and likely for many more years to come.