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Stampede At Kenya League Match Leaves 7 Dead

There is no news stories worse then this type of report and it appears as the world’s most popular sport that soccer matches experience this type of fan tragedy more then any other major sporting outing. 7 spectators were killed at National Stadium in Kenya due to a stampede earlier today and one of the victims died after being taken to Kenyatta National Hospital.

The 7 dead were trying to enter the stadium entrance for the highly anticipated Kenya Premier League rivalry between Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards. There is no news on how exactly the incident transpired, but it has been reported that the deaths were inflicted from a stampede of thousands of fans entering the arena along with the victims. It is one of those terrible stories you hear of every year in the world of football and when you read about it just doesn’t make sense how something like this could logically happen. Most often news of these types of fan-related deaths surround what club people support and other ridiculous things like that. You hear of fan loyalty fights all the time, but was this one of those cases or was it a case of a poor facility that the fans were entering?

Regardless to why 7 fans were killed earlier today in Kenya, the fans risk of injury or death has become a serious global problem in the sport of soccer and several times ever year you see and hear of terrible incidents like this happening in third world countries or even the biggest most well respected soccer nations. Something needs to be done about this type of thing and the people that possibly trampled these innocent lives to death deserve to be punished no differently then any other murderer would.

It’s a terrible scenario in Kenya and we at the STO would like to offer our condolences to the victim’s families for their loss.