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Spotlight On Argentine Sensation Messi

Lionel Messi In my opinion, Lionel Messi is the world’s best player whether he wins the FIFA award or not . This year has been more than exciting for Messi. He helped his club win the Uefa champions league, the Spanish La Liga and the Copa del rey. His 38 goals for Barca also allowed him to be the first Argentine player to be named as the European player of the year.

Born in Rosario Argentina on June 24th 1987, Messi begun his  career playing for youth side Newell’s old boys before a hormonal problem stunted his growth. This was to be the turning point for his family as they decided to move to Spain because the cost of treatment was to high for Newell’s and some of the country’s other richer clubs like River Plate to foot.

Messi was signed by Barcelona after just his first try out . He went on to make his senior debut for the club against Espanyol on October 16th 2004 and as they say the rest is history.

Messi goes into the World cup as the “best player” and a lot will be expected from him. The pressure to deliver will be immense and if he has a good tournament then it will be pretty hard for his competitors to match up. Another advantage that Messi has is that he is still young.

At only 22, he still has a lot to offer and also to learn. Messi is a good player but he also has his flaws. Sometimes he tries to do it all without realising that he is part of a team and although this happens rarely it can prove to be detrimental to his game.

That said, this young star has definitely taken the world by storm and he is only getting started.
Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship